One of the advantages of in-mold labels is that they are fused to plastic containers or parts. They provide a “no label” look.

These labels have a nicer look and feel as they are seamlessly integrated without edges. In-mold labels are hence not vulnerable to environmental damage and their print quality is preserved. They are also 100% recycled, either directly during the manufacturing process or after consumer use (pre- or post-consumer recycled).

In-mold labeling, or IML, is an innovative technology that opens new horizons in the labeling process used for all types of injection-molded, blow-molded, and thermoformed plastic containers or parts.

IML vs. Dry Offset

There are many reasons why it is more beneficial to use the IML process rather than the dry offset process.

IML uses a simplified production process, thus accelerating changeovers between different batches.

This type of labeling also eliminates certain chemicals used by molders in the dry offset process.

In addition, in-mold labels provide exceptional print quality, especially with their high-quality images and colour consistency. They also provide a much larger print area than those produced with the dry offset process.